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Hino ranks #1 in the Japanese heavy-duty and medium-duty truck market, and is the fastest growing medium-duty truck company in America. Representing the Toyota Group in the global truck market, Hino trucks reflect Toyota’s heritage of design excellence, superior engineering, and social responsibility. At Pro On Site Inc, we can handle the repairs you need for your Hino truck.

In and around Sacramento, Hino Truck drivers and fleet owners depend on Pro On Site Inc to provide the highest level of quality and service in the least amount of truck downtime—all at a great value. We emphasize value because we understand the value of your Hino Truck to you. In order for you to do your job, you need us to do our job correctly, thoroughly, and as quickly as possible. From the smallest scratch to a complete rebuild, you can count on us to treat your Hino Truck like it is our own.

When you’re a truck owner or operator, a strong truck or fleet is the difference between a satisfying, profitable career and a job full of stress and headaches. You can keep your Hino Truck or fleet running smoothly and avoid repairs with our preventative maintenance services. We’ll take the time to fully understand your needs in a service provider, but then waste no time when it comes to getting to work on your Hino Truck, getting you back on the road, and keeping you there.

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